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Shoulder Bags

NaRaYa Shoulder Bags at Cheapest Prices from Bangkok, Thailand.

NaRaYa Intertrade is a premium source of latest NaRaYa Shoulder Bags collection. We have a professional team of bag selectors, providing NaRaYa lovers the finest NaRaYa products at cheapest prices.

NaRaYa bags are reminiscent of the beauty and style that defines this unique brand. Our NaRaYa Shoulder Bags are specially chosen and hand-inspected fabrics whether (cotton, canvas, checkered satin, pleats, satin and jeans). They are the creations of incredible textiles, with elements of characteristic patterns and textures.

At NaRaYa Intertrade, we know the importance of a beautiful, hand-crafted and premium quality bags so we have put together a collection of NaRaYa Shoulder Bags to respond to the needs and wants of all ages and for every occasion. Moreover, NaRaYa Intertrade only sells NaRaYa products online, thus savings on the various overheads that go into setting up a retail outlet and other cost savings to ensure we provide “value for money” products for all our customers.

NaRaYa Intertrade is managed by a team of bag experts, we always apply our professional approach in all our selection. We guarantee the cheapest prices everytime you purchase NaRaYa bags with us, plus free shipping costs (with minimum purchase of SGD$50).

For your ultimate collection of NaRaYa bags, look no further…shop with NaRaYa Intertrade today!

Hot NBS-200 NO.102
NaRaYa Dark Blue Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Dark Blue.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm...


Hot NBS-200 NO. 101
NaRaYa Black Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Black.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm...


Hot NBS-200 NO. 179
NaRaYa Dark Purple Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Dark Purple.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm...


Out Of Stock
NBS-200 S6
NaRaYa Light Purple Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Light Purple.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm...


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