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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I search for an item on the website?
A1: You can choose to browse through our catalogue, search by keyword, item number and price ranges.

Q2: How do I make a purchase on the website?
A2: After reviewing your cart and its content, proceed to the checkout page. If you are a returning customer, you will be proposed to log in otherwise you will need to register yourself with the website by entering your particulars and both shipping and billing addresses. Then simply select both shipping and payment methods of your choice that are proposed to you. To validate your input and confirm you order, simply click on the confirmation button. Your order will then be processed and shipped as soon as your payment has been received. Please refer to next point for payment modes accepted on the website.

Q3: What payment modes are accepted on the website?
A3: NaRaYa Intertrade accepts payments via Stripe/Paypal (Visa and MasterCard). If you do not have a credit card, you can use Stripe/Paypay as a payment mode by creating an account with either parties. Alternatively, you can choose the “Payment by Transfer”mode for local customers using either ATM Transfer or Internet Bank Transfer. We also accept payment by Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Please contact us directly at [email protected] for more details.

Q4: Is it safe to use my credit card online at
A4: We take website security very seriously so be rest assured that your details are safe with us. At, all payments made using the most secured systems.

Q5: Which currency can I purchase with?
A5: We accept payments in SGD only.

Q6: How do I know which items are in stock?
A6: All items shown on our website are in stock (unless otherwise stated). However, kindly note that putting an item in the shopping cart does not automatically reserve the item for you, unless payment is received from you and an acknowledgement email / message sent to you.

Q7: Can you reserve an item to buy later?
A7: At the present moment we do not provide a holding service at our online store.

Q8: Will my personal information be kept private and confidential?
A8: We guarantee that all personal data will be kept private and confidential, unless you have authorized us to do so. For more details, please check our Privacy Policy.

Q9: How will I know if my order had been received and confirmed?
A9: After your purchase has been made, you will receive a confirmation email, which does not mean that your order has been accepted by us. The order will be accepted and sent to you once your credit card or other modes payment and address details had been approved and verified.

Q10: Can I cancel my order?
A10: is happy to accept cancellations, up to the moment your order has been processed by our online store. After that, you cannot cancel your order, but you may return it to us if you wish to.

Q11: When will I be charged?
A11: If you have paid by debit card or Paypal, payment usually will be taken immediately, and you will receive an email confirming your order once details have been approved. When payment has been taken immediately, if there is a cancellation for any reason prior to order processing, we will fully refund you through your original payment mode. If you have paid by credit card, we usually only take payment from your card once your order is approved and ready for shipment. In any case, please be aware that your bank or card issuer will have likely reserved the money, meaning you cannot use it for a short period of time. In these cases, if there is a cancellation for any reason prior to order processing, we will simply not capture your payment and cancel the transaction, and there will be no need to process a refund.

Q12: How much will I be charged for shipping?
A12: If your order is SGD$50 or more, you will qualify for free shipping. If an order is less than SGD$50, you will have to pay SGD$10 for standard shipping fees. For Express Mail Service shipping option, you will be asked to pay additional cost; shipping to Asia for a cost of SGD$20 and shipping to Europe for SGD$30.

Q13: Will there be additional duties or taxes payable on my orders?
A13: We currently ship orders with import delivery duties paid to USA, Canada, The UK, Europe and Asia – this means the price you see is the price you pay for. We ship to all countries with import delivery duties unpaid – this means you may have to pay import duties upon receipt of your order or at a later date depending on your customs authority.

Q14: How do I track the delivery of my orders?
A14: We use Aramex International Logistics Pte Ltd and Singapore Post for product delivery worldwide. Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an order confirmation email to confirm that your order has been received. This email will contain your order numbers and tracking numbers, will be used to track your order from Singapore Post / Aramex website at the following website:

Q15: How can I expect to receive the stocks?
A15: All orders will be delivered in packaging, which aims to protect your goods and ensure that they reach you in perfect conditions.

Q16: Do you ship to my country?
A16: We ship locally / worldwide using Singapore Post, Bluport, DHL, Ninja Van, Aramex International Logistics Pte Ltd and Fedex.

Q17: Can NaRaYa Intertrade ship to more than one address in a single order?
A17: We only ship one order to one single address. During the shipping process, you will be asked to choose one shipping address for your delivery. If you would like ot change your shipping address after you have placed your order, please request an address replacement by contacting us at [email protected]. Please note that it is not possible to change addresses to a different country.

Q18: How long will it be before I receive my order?
A18: Once your order and payment details have been verified and approved, we will ship your orders with the delivery service you have selected. Please refer to the shipping section for more information.

Q19:: Do you deliver to PO Boxes?
A19:: Yes we do.

  1. Cosmetic Bags
  2. Handbags
  3. Shoulder Bags
Hot NBS-200 NO. 179
NaRaYa Dark Purple Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Dark Purple.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm.


Hot NBS-200 NO. 101
NaRaYa Black Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Black.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm.


Hot NBS-200 NO.102
NaRaYa Dark Blue Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Dark Blue.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm.


Out Of Stock
NBS-200 S6
NaRaYa Light Purple Satin Shoulder Bag.Color: Light Purple.Size: 38 x 13.50 x 31 cm.


Hot NB-178/S CP48
NaRaYa Mini Cotton Handbag. Patterns: White Background with Multi-Colored Elephants Designs. Trendy


Hot NB-178/S CP37
NaRaYa Mini Cotton Handbag. Patterns: White Background with Blue Stripes Designs. Trendy and Classy.


Hot NB-178/S CP77
NaRaYa Mini Cotton Handbag. Patterns: Bright Yellow Background with Light Black Color Flowers Design


Hot NB-178/S CP82
NaRaYa Mini Cotton Handbag. Patterns: White Background with Multi-Colored Elephants Designs. Trendy


Hot NB-60/SS NO. 179
NaRaYa All Dark Purple Mini Cosmetic Bag.Color: All Dark Purple Satin Designs.Size: 12.50 x 3 x 7 cm


Hot NB-60/SS CP83
NaRaYa Mini Cosmetic Bag. Beautiful, Vintage and Essential NaRaYa Make-up and Cosmetic Bag with Mirr


Hot NB-60/SS NO. 102
NaRaYa All Dark Navy Blue Mini Cosmetic Bag.Color: All Dark Navy Blue Satin Designs.Size: 12.50 x 3


Out Of Stock
NBS-60/SS No. 141
NaRaYa Beige Satin Cosmetic Pouch with Mirror.Color: Beige.Size: 12.50 x 3 x 7 cm.


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